Customer Experience Design

As I previously mentioned under Creative & Strategic Marketing, the marketing mix is no longer just about the price, product, place or promotion. The customer is now central to every successful marketing strategy. Along with your brand and internal culture, it is one of the three pillars that support your overall deliverable experience

It is also worth pointing out, that it is not as simple as focusing more attention on the customer. It needs to be a tangible part of your value proposition and one the customer knows is authentic, to the point they can almost reach out and touch it.

CX, as it is also known, has been a significant part of my professional life, even before it was a thing. I was very fortunate in the early 2000s to work with people who saw this as a real necessity in how we run our businesses and as such, the customer journey has been ingrained at the front of my mind ever since.

I can help you plan and develop your customer experience strategy. One that will consider all aspects of your business and allow you to create tactile touchpoints with your customers.